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"It was easy to put together and everyone in the family helped. It didn't take special tools or abilities. It also fit together real well."

Cecil Wiebe


"Our building is completely finished and I can't believe how easy it is to maintain and how quick it was to build. It's insulated, carpeted and the interior trimmed. It looks like a mountain chalet."

David White [Turned an S-Series building into a 1,200 foot home!]


"This building turned out to be very useful. Our teenage boys can now do their own work on their cars anytime they want to and it keeps them at home. Even their friends use it."

Richard Nebuda


"Other than the fact that it provides the perfect storage space, I like its looks. It has strength and durability of any building I have ever owned, if not more, yet it has a clean simple look."

Barte Finch


"While the building was under construction, a tornado passed a few feet from it. I was amazed that the building sustained no damage."

Chris Martin


"As far as I'm concerned, Steel Building Inc. has always been on top when it comes to technology. I like the open span, it doesn't have any posts inside like the old pole barns of the past did. I can pack eight round bales of hay from side to side and pack them four high."

Rudy Turman

Safe "What I like best is the size and durability of the product. Of all the different metal buildings I looked at, it's the only building with a 120 MPH wind load. Most of the others are only 80 MPH. It also has a superior galvaluming process."

Jeff Peters


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